"Hurray, I Am Going Home!
A Blueprint For Pet Adoption©"


This book is born out of love, the love for dogs’ cats and any other animal. I have loved pets and all animals since the beginning of time and I was fortunate to marry a wonderful man who also loves pets.

Throughout our time together there have been assortments of pets that have shared our lives, from dogs and rabbits to birds. When we first married we had two little dogs and then when my husband became disability retired the bigger dogs entered our lives!

Presently we have the two dogs one of which is a three and a half year old Black Lab, adopted dog called Shorty. The Golden is my Nikki.

My head and my heart hurts when I know so many dogs are abandoned, lose their owners, discover themselves lost or are just simply not wanted anymore. Sadly too many people consider pets to be just possessions, to simply take into their homes and then tire of them. Then when this occurs they are just given away, the shelters and pounds are full to capacity with beautiful unwanted pets.

Many of these pets suffer from issues because of their history that then manifest as behavioural problems, instead of finding the time to overcome the problems people just give up on the animal.

Their problems can be helped they can come ‘in to today’ as Cesar Millan the Dog Whisperer says I believe him.

I dedicate this book not only to all of my pets past and present but also to all the pets throughout the world. I would also like to dedicate it to Cesar Millan the Dog Whisperer as he has taught me so very much throughout the years.

I wish it was mandatory for all pet owners to watch at least three episodes of his programme it is amazing how he manages to put a dogs’ life and its future into a reality perspective, he can especially assist with abused and abandoned dogs.

Most importantly I dedicate this book to my beloved husband of thirty three years who has suffered from MS and as MS does it has taken its toll on him, through all of it though he has maintained his incredible spirit and his wonderfully dry sense of humour.

He has always had a love for dogs, especially black labradors we have numerous stories about dogs and about my husband and living with his disease he was so helpful throughout our shorty’s adoption process.

My main wish is that only good can come to those pets that are waiting just for you.