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Golden Retriever Adoption, Training, Handbook

After many years of owning "bought" dogs, of looking and
examining purebred dogs, I have come to a surprising conclusion--

YES, adopted pets are as loveable and
cute and sweet as bought pets!

Yes, families like you are adopting wonderful and loving pets.
And they are happy doing so.

I know, because a lot of them are my neighbors, friends and family.

Learn how they're doing it - and how you can too -

by reading this book

It is happening everyday. Dogs and cats are being adopted - successfully. And, the families who adopted them are HAPPY.

Afraid of adopting? Don't be. You need not fear anymore!

There are so many ready and available dogs in shelters near your home.

Shelters and Humane Societies Can Give You A Successful Dog Adoption Experience. Thank you for even thinking of giving an unloved and unwanted dog a new lease in life.

In loving memory

Rusty - Dasher - Katie - Sammy - Benny - Dukie

And, In Joy For The Future

My Adopted Shorty, And Nikki, My Golden Retriever.
Nikki and Shorty Are Now The Best Of Friends.

And Mostly - Thanks To My Husband, For Encouraging Me NOT To Be Afraid Of Adopting Our New Dog, Shorty.

My Shorty And Nikki - Playing Tug Of War :)